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Political walking tour Bloody Sunday and Saville report. Derry walls walking tour.Derry City.

This hour long walking tour is the authentic and detailed Bloody Sunday tour given by some of the relatives of the victims of that day. The walking to will take you into the heart of Derry's Bogside where the Bloody Sunday massacre occured passing the Bogside Murals and the Museum of Free Derry.  Bloody Sunday was a major turning point for the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and was a massive turning point in Ireland and Irish history. The tour will finish at the Bloody sunday monument on Rossville Street in sight of Free Derry Wall just below the walls of Derry.


Walking tours of the Derry walls and the historic city of Derry are also offered. Learn how Derry became Londonderry. Learn about the history of Derry from Colmcille to the 1641 rebellion right to the siege of Derry, Derry gaol, partition, the politics of Gerrymandering  the Civil Rights era and Bloody Sunday.


Bogside History Tours are solely operated by relatives of some the people who where killed on that day. This walking tour looks at the political and social repercusions of Bloody Sunday.

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